Frequently asked questions

Are East Coast Face Masks reusable?

Yes, East Coast Face Masks are reusable. We recommend washing the mask frequently for hygiene. Replace the PM2.5 filter regularly.

How often should I change my PM2.5 filter

Depending on the level of use, we recommend changing the filters regularly. If being worn for long periods of time it is recommended to replace the filter after 40 hours of usage.

Where are East Coast Face Masks shipped from?

All East Coast Face Masks are shipped from Melbourne, Australia. We proudly ship Australia wide.

What are PM2.5 filters?

PM 2.5 filters have been specifically made for particulate matter (PM) with a diameter of 2.5 micrometers or smaller, which can only be seen under a microscope. This refers to particles in the air that cause pollution. These particles are from a variety of sources, both indoors and outdoors.

How long will disatch and shipping take?

We will endeavor to ship all orders within 3 business days of the order being received. Shipping will take up to a further 5 business days for all metro deliveries. We apologise for any unforeseen delays. Due to the high demand additional delays may be unavoidable.